User Setup Guide

Please read the Precautions section before proceeding. Follow these steps to set up Wiskers with any supported Ethereum wallet*: (Click on each step for a image or video walkthrough.)

1. Connect your web3.0 wallet to the Wiskers app and sign the request with your wallet after connecting. 2. Select your preferred network and your preferred route (DEX).

3. Enter the assets being traded, amount, slippage and then click 'Approve'. Click the token approval that you are prompted with and approve the tx. 4. Click 'Generate' , and then confirm the signature to place your 'Action' (an 'Action' refers to your swap setup). 5. After the txn is approved, copy your generated webhook. 6. Go to the alert set up for your trade on TradingView. After setting up your alert strategy, click on the ‘Notifications’ tab and check off ‘Webhook URL’.

7. On TradingView, in the same alert for this specific trade, paste the webhook in the 'Webhook URL' box and click ‘Create’ (If there is an old webhook link in the URL box, simply replace it with the one generated for this specific trade. It will not affect any previous webhook links and their alerts).

8. You may now view your created 'Action' and it's status on the dashboard. After clicking on an action you may go to the logs for more details. You may pause or delete the action. You may delete the action regardless of status, by clicking 'Delete' in the top right of the page. 9. Connect your telegram to receive notifications upon any action getting triggered and/or executed. Click the wallet address in the right top corner of the page to drop down the menu then click 'Settings'. Open and click 'Start'. Click Link Account and enter the received code on Wiskers UI.

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