Continuous Actions

Wiskers extends your trading capabilities by offering the option for actions to remain active even after their initial execution. These are known as "Continuous Actions," and they allow your strategies to operate over an extended period without manual intervention.
Step-by-Step Guide
Create an Action: Navigate to Wiskers' user interface and select your preferred DEX to set up your initial action or an action in a series.
Execution and Re-triggering: After the initial trigger, the action enters a downtime of one minute. After one minute, if the webhook receives a new POST request, the action will be triggered again, and the cycle continues.
Key Points to Remember Downtime: There is a mandatory one-minute downtime between successive triggers of a continuous action. Action Duration: You have the flexibility to set a specific number of times for the action will be able to execute or opt for it to be "Infinite." Automated Strategy: Continuous Actions are ideal for strategies that require repeated execution based on buy and sell strategies