Wiskers allows users to execute advanced trading strategies in a simple manner. Using alerts set up on TradingView, Wiskers sends the corresponding action to the Ethereum wallet to execute the trade on a DEX.

This innovative system translates advanced trading tactics directly from Ethereum wallets to DEXs, all while keeping custody of assets off a centralized exchange. Wiskers’ unique infrastructure enables users to place limit orders, take profit levels, stop losses, trailing stops, etc. all through TradingView alerts on any EVM chain.

Additionally, with perps integration in development, Wiskers fills in the current gap of linking DEXs to TradingView for trading on-chain assets.

Beyond the TradingView integration, Wiskers' unique infrastructure can be paired with any advanced on-chain alerting service that supports webhooks, transforming it into an even more powerful and versatile tool. From unstaking from vaults as a proactive measure against malicious activities to automated selling when a large holder exits, or even reacting to contract changes in real-time—the possibilities are truly endless when Wiskers is combined with the right toolset.

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