Q3 '23

  • Complete and fully operational front-end interface.
  • Direct telegram updates upon execution of actions with tx and other relatable info.
  • Referral system fully implemented, specific details to come soon.

Q4 '23-Q1 '24

  • Ability to create continuous actions - A continuous action is an action that allow your strategies to operate over an extended period without manual intervention.
  • Contract Event Triggers are implemented.
  • Gasless Dex for instant swaps is implemented.
  • Integration with perpetual decentralized exchanges.
  • Telegram commands to monitor all positions placed through wiskers front end.
  • Partnerships with Sniping Tools: We're looking to partner with other popular tools in the crypto space to offer wiskers as a co-tool, enabling users to apply sophisticated trading strategies using tools they are already familiar with.
  • Broad DEX Integration: Our goal is to make wiskers compatible with any decentralized exchange or perpetual exchange that is compatible.
  • Explore web 2.0 and web 3.0 actions Wiskers can transform into web 3.0 reactions beyond TradingView.