Public SDK

The Wiskers Public SDK offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to integrate the advanced trading functionalities of Wiskers into various platforms and applications.

Key Features

  1. Webhook Generation for TradingView Alerts:

    • Users can generate webhooks to execute trades based on specific alerts set in TradingView. This feature allows for seamless integration of market analysis and actionable insights from TradingView directly into the user's preferred platform.

  2. Contract Event-Driven Swaps:

    • The SDK facilitates the creation of triggers based on contract events. Users can set up conditions for automatic swaps when predefined events occur in a smart contract. This feature is highly adaptable, catering to various trading strategies and market conditions.

Getting Started

To begin using the Wiskers Public SDK, follow the steps outlined in the SDK Implementation Guide. The guide provides comprehensive instructions on how to integrate the SDK into your project or application.

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